If you’re doing a vocalise for a single reason, you’re wasting your time. Find 3. Here’s a cheat’s list: posture, breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation, intonation/tuning, vowel shapes, chord synchronisation… you get the idea!

To practice at home and get results:

1. Practice in front of the mirror to correct:

  • Alignment Faults / Tension in face or body
  • Expressive communication – body and face
  • Unnatural mouth shape
  • Choreography

2. Record yourself to hear:

  • Fluid delivery of consonants to vowels to consonants
  • Clear and bright vowels, resonated in the whole vocal tract, sing into your overtones
  • Dynamic plan & vocal gems
  • Lyric delivery – all parts sing as melody
  • Lifted, relaxed, resonant, forward tone throughout range and dynamics

3. If you’re singing for half a page without stopping, you’re not learning anything. Expect to sing a phrase or set of phrases 5-10 times to get it to a higher level before proceeding. EVERYONE has SOMETHING they can improve on.

Speaking as a singer who is always striving to improve, every note and word I sing is on purpose. I’m putting resonance, character, inflection, tuning and more into every note, every phrase, while striving to achieve an effortless sound. Practice just lets you do it without hard thinking!

Personal Improvement – Commit To Change