Classes I Have Presented

  • Directors Summer School (2021) Zoom
    • Planning For Success
    • Advanced Interpretation
    • Top 10 Coaching Questions (and answers)
  • August A Cappella (2020) Zoom
    • Barbershop Interpretation 101
  • Directors Summer School (2020)
    • The Truth About Resonance (an imagery free zone)
  • Directors Summer School (2019)
    • Resonance – An Interactive Class
    • Barbershop Embellishments I
    • Barbershop Embellishments II – Practical Class
  • Directors Summer School (2018)
    • Resonance – An Interactive Class
    • Barbershop Embellishments
  • Directors Summer School (2017)
    • Resonance – An Interactive Class
  • Directors Summer School (2014)
  • Regional Quartet Workshop – Perth (2013)

Other Classes Available on Request

Vocal Production

  • The Answer Is Always Resonance
  • The Personal Breath

The Convention Experience

  • Preparation for Contest – Visualization
  • The Warmup Room and how to use it
  • Rehearsing for Contest
  • Putting together a contest performance
  • Score Sheets: Analysis & Action Plan

Section Rehearsals

  • Teaching Section Unity
  • Voice parts and their roles in the chorus sound
  • Holding duetting rehearsals
  • Choosing your model voice

Chorus Growth Through Quartets

  • Encouraging quartets in your chorus
  • Quartets for chorus spirit, personal growth, chorus growth and regional growth
  • The Non-Threatening Quartet and what it can do for you

Song Development

  • Song choice & music analysis
  • Learning tapes – the good the bad and the ugly
  • How to present an interpretive plan
  • Ballad interpretation
  • Uptune: tempo, rhythm, tag, intro, attitude

Choreography 1-2-3

  • What is “appropriate” choreography?
  • How to put in movement that enhances the sound
  • Adding performance skills to your interpretive plan

Directing Skills

  • Help with Arm-waving
  • Directing Phrases
  • Help with song analysis and problem-spot solving
  • Director, make the chorus do the work!
  • What are Assistant Directors for?

Planning your Chorus Education

  • Teaching at all levels
  • Training and recruiting helpers
  • How to get the most from your coaches

How to structure your vocal warmups

  • Why are we singing this?
  • Doing it on purpose
  • Feeding VP into songs

Alignment: Vocal Freedom & Energy

  • Alignment
  • Fluid bodies
  • Resonance
  • Visual focus & “intensity”

What You See Is What You Hear: Turning Your Choreography Into Sound

  • Supportive choreography vs. Detrimental choreography
  • Emotional plans: use specific and intense emotive words
  • Make the chorus look how you want them to sound (and tell them what you’re doing)