What is the secret to success?

1. Decide how you define success, then
2. Be totally committed to CHANGE in order to achieve it, then
3. BE successful, ALL THE TIME.

For example, if my friend wants to succeed at singing with open, unweighted sound. She must:

1. define success as a consistently open and unweighted sound, through all dynamics and pitch ranges,
2. commit to relaxing her throat, opening her mouth cavity naturally, keeping the sound moving and alive, well shaped in the mouth for each vowel sung, without rocking any vowels or consonants back into the throat regardless of pitch or dynamic,
3. ensure that every time she sings a single note or more, she sings with that vocal definition, and stops if she finds she’s singing the ‘old’ way.

It’s simple, yet making permanent change to our physical and mental singing habits is one of the hardest things you can attempt! It takes discipline, and sometimes, a helpful ear that can keep you in line until the skills become YOUR CHOICE (you can easily correct yourself). Then it’s up to you to never sing it any other way!

The Secret To Success